STACK replacement surround (K-Series Elise S1/S2, Exige S1)

Product type: Vinyl Decal

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Is your STACK unit looking a bit tatty?  The vinyl screening inside the unit can bubble and peel over time.  This quick-fix solution attaches to the outside face of the STACK so there is no need to dismantle the unit and risk damaging the delicate glass face.  Once in place, you can barely tell the difference!

Alternatively, add a bit of customisation with a different colour choice or model name cut-out - it's all removable if you want to go back to a standard look!

Available with or without the model name decal cut into the material (vertical or horizontal options available).


We can now offer this product with different types of over-laminate.  Over-lamination adds extra strength to the decal and changes the finish, in some cases it can also be easier to install (there is no transfer tape involved).  Note that the base finish is irrelevant if you choose an over-laminate; the original finish will be coated with the laminate.

Note that over-laminating increases the product's thickness by around 75-80 microns, barely noticeable, but if you prefer a thin vinyl (which will be more subtle) then please choose "None" for the over-laminate option.

The different finishes are:

  • None: no over-lamination is used; we'll supply the decal as just the base vinyl with a low-tack transparent transfer tape for easy positioning & installation.
  • High-gloss: this is a shiny, highly reflective coating which enhances the colour depth of the base vinyl.
  • Silk-matt: a smooth matt, no-shine finish. The base colour is unaffected.

Paint Mask now available!

If you are looking to recondition your stack glass using grey paint, then this is the option for you!  We will supply the full cut decal in special low-tack paint masking vinyl.  You can then position the mask correctly to the glass before removing the outer part, leaving the inner "mask" in place, ready for painting.

Please note the masking vinyl is supplied with transfer tape fitted for easy positioning - as the masking vinyl is low-tack it will require extra care during removal.


Our STACK surrounds have been thoroughly researched & tested to ensure they are as easy as possible to install.  That said, without removing the STACK unit itself, it is a fairly tricky recess to access so installation can be difficult if you are not familiar with vinyl application. Orders are manufactured at the point of order so are "brand new" so to speak; they are not sat on a shelf for weeks at a time.

We cannot accept responsibility for failed or poor applications.  If you prepare the surface correctly and follow our instructions, you should have no problems getting a near-perfect installation.  If things go wrong though, I'm afraid we cannot provide free replacements.

We also package our vinyl stickers with great care to avoid any possible damage in the post, but please get in touch if yours arrives damaged (don't try to fit it).

Ordering from the outside the UK?
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