Stickers vs. Decals

It's important to understand what it is you're ordering when you buy from us.  Although the phrases "stickers" and "decals" are generally interchangeable we do try to make a distinction as the two can be quite different.

If you are unsure please read the following descriptions and if you do not understand, please get in touch, we'd be happy to help further.

Decals / Vinyl Decals / Cut Vinyl

The vast majority of our vinyl products fall into this category.  Decals, Vinyl Decals, or Cut Vinyl Decals describes a (usually) single-colour layer of self-adhesive vinyl which has been cut into shapes/letters/logos.  These individual parts that make up the design are pre-positioned on the liner (backing sheet - usually white or blue) with a semi-transparent "transfer sheet" over the entirety of the decal.  Vinyl decals have no background at all.

To fit, the liner is carefully peeled away from the transfer sheet which takes the vinyl graphic with it.  The transfer sheet (and the transferred vinyl) is then applied to your target surface, before the clear transfer sheet is removed - leaving the cut vinyl in place.  This works because the adhesive strength of the vinyl is greater than the adhesive strength of the transfer sheet.

Stickers / One-piece Stickers

In general, we refer to a "sticker" as a single piece of self-adhesive vinyl (usually pre-cut into a certain simple shape, like a rectangle or circle) which has graphics printed on it's top face.

The application of stickers is usually peel and stick as you would with any sticky label or sticker, although with some of our speciality stickers (usually labels) printed on cast vinyl (which is very thin) we may provide a clear transfer sheet like we do for cut-vinyl decals.

Many of our stickers are laminated, which is a clear matt or glossy layer over the top to protect the print.  This generally doubles the thickness of the sticker and makes it much easier to handle.