Custom Work

Working on the Mega Tech CPO

Do you have a custom project you need some design help with? Or a restoration that's stuck because that badge or label simply isn't available anywhere?

I offer tailored services for unique projects just like yours, I'm always interested to hear about new ideas and how I might be able to help, particularly for niche retro projects that can be difficult to find help for.  I can help with:

  • Custom computer label design & manufacture
  • Computer/console badges and label reproduction & manufacture
  • Custom arcade cabinet projects including control panel overlays, side art, bezels, and marquees
  • Reproduction arcade cabinet artwork
  • 3D printing
  • Custom printed media for your own unique projects
  • Decals for your product (skins/wraps)
  • Custom skins or wraps for an existing product
  • Stickers, decals, posters, prints, mugs, t-shirts
  • Unique custom branded merchandise

I have a wide array of different materials for all sorts of use cases, and only use the finest quality, tested materials for everything I make.  I have an eye for precision and accuracy in reproduction work - obsessive attention to detail is my thing!

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Why Choose Retrofied?

  • I know Retro. I have been a collector of retro computing and gaming products for over 30 years, so am passionate about the subject which reflects in the quality of the work I produce.  I regularly volunteer at The Cave and have helped out both The Cave and Arcade Archive with some of their incredible restoration projects.
  • Creative Expertise. I have been working freelance in the creative sector since 2006, designing and building bespoke websites before starting out in print design & manufacture.  I love the process of creating something new then being able to make the final product to my own demanding expectations.
  • Quality focused. I tirelessly seek the best materials for every product, making sure the end result is both as close to original and built to last. Rest assured, all of our products meet the finest quality levels possible.

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