Replica 2009/10 Lotus Exige CUP 260 style decals / kits

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After much development and testing, we are delighted to offer our full CUP 260 replica decal kit, for both older and newer variants of the CUP 260 and all standard versions of the S2 Exige.

Looking for the CUP 260 decals?  We sell those too.

We can supply a full kit or individual parts are required, in different colours (the originals were only available in black gloss).  All kits and individual parts are cut from long-term cast vinyl.

Please note this is a replica kit so decals may differ from the factory set.  All decals have been fully fitted and tested on the Exige S2.  Please note that some trimming of the door scallops and front access panel stripes is required and you will need a sharp knife to do thus.  Full illustrated instructions on fitting and trimming are provided.

We can also supply a fitting kit containing some essentials you'll need to facilitate DIY fitting.

All kits come with full, detailed and illustrated fitting guides.

Individual parts available:

  • Large door scallops, LH/RH
    Similar to part nos. A128B4079H / A128B4080H

  • Outer door scallop stripe, LH/RH
    Similar to part nos. A128B4081H / A128B4082H

  • Rear light contour stripes, LH/RH
    Similar to part nos. A128B4083H / A128B4084H

  • Front splitter contour stripes, MY10+, LH/RH
    Similar to part nos. A128B4165H / A128B4166H

  • Front splitter contour stripes, MY09, LH/RH
    Similar to part nos. A128B4075H / A128B4076H

  • Side intake blanking strips, LH/RH
    Similar to part nos. A128B4167H / A128B4168H

  • Front access panel stripes, LH/RH
    Similar to part nos. A128B4077H / A128B4078H

When ordering individual parts, please refer to the images for orientation and make sure you order the correct side you require.

The full kits include:

  • 2 x Large door scallops (LH/RH)
  • 2 x Outer door scallop stripe (LH/RH)
  • 2 x Rear light contour stripes (LH/RH)
  • 2 x Front splitter contour stripes, MY10+ (LH/RH) or 2 x Front splitter contour stripes, MY09 (LH/RH)
  • 2 x Side intake blanking strips (LH/RH)

As the access panel stripes are a stencil on MY10 cars, these decals are not included in either kit and must be purchased separately if required.

The optional fitting kit includes:

  • Retractable knife with snap-off blade
  • Felt-edge squeegee
  • 12 x small isopropyl wipes

We also have the CUP 260 two-colour decals available for purchase in all factory original sizes (click image below).

All images are for illustration purposes only.

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