LOTUS RACING curved wheel decals

Product type: One-piece Sticker

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Custom "LOTUS RACING" wheel decals which are curved around different radius sizes to suit a wide range of Lotus wheel sizes and colours.

Colours available: 

Black with silver details (high-gloss finish)
Suitable for use with black gloss wheels, the decal design is designed to blend into the wheel finish for a seamless, easy to install look.  Simply peel and stick.

Black with silver details (satin-matt finish)
Designed to be used with either satin or matt finished wheels.

Clear with black details (high-gloss finish)
Completely transparent sticker with a high-gloss finish, suitable for any light coloured gloss wheels.  This version is printed onto clear material utilising a PET backing which gives the sticker a flawlessly smooth finish.

The decals are designed for the following wheel sizes but there is some crossover with sizing:

    • 18" - for 17.5-18.5" radiuses - dimensions approx. 10.5mm x 88mm
    • 17" - for 16.5-17.5" radiuses
    •  - dimensions approx. 10mm x 82mm
    • 16" - for 15.5-16.5" radiuses
    •  - dimensions approx. 9.5mm x 76.5mm
    • 15" - for 14.5-15.5" radiuses
  •  - dimensions approx. 9mm x 70.5mm

These are not hard and fast rules and the decals may also fit other sizes with some slight manipulation (the curvature is very gentle).  They are not suitable for more extreme small radiuses (like the centre of a wheel) as the curvature is too slight.

Sold individually. Images are mocked-up and for illustrative purposes only.  Not to scale. Colours and finish may appear differently to how they look on-screen.

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