Lotus light switch decals

Product type: One-piece Sticker

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After some extensive testing and research, we've managed to recreate the Elise / Exige light switch panel decals to be better than the originals!

Suitable for the following models:

  • 2-Eleven (2007-)
  • Elise S2 (2001-2022)
  • Exige S2
  • Europa (2006-)

We've used a frosted crystal base material which ensures the decals are fully visible during the day without any backlighting (when the lights are off), and let through plenty of diffused light when the lights are switched on and the decals are backlit.

The 3-pass black overprint ensure the decals are fully opaque some the only light getting through will be on the icon itself.  The top finishing layer is a smooth satin-matt clear layer just like the original decals.

We have all design variations (both LHD & RHD) plus the Federal/US model version of the headlamp icons.

An ideal replacement if yours are starting to peel, missing or damaged.

Supplied individually.  Please note these are recreation labels and not originals.

Designs are based on part numbers A117M0005F, B121M0015F, A117M0006F, A117M0045F, A117M0007F & A117M0046F

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