Lotus Exige S2 Sill protectors

Product type: Vinyl Decal

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Finally we are delighted to be able to supply the S2 Exige version of our popular sill protectors!

These pre-cut shapes fit along the sill below the door - adding an extra level of protection in this vulnerable area.  Available in clear gloss PPF or black in 3 different finishes to add some extra styling detail.

Sold as a set (1 pair, one protector for each side) with full fitting instructions.

Available in the following materials to suit your preference:

  • Hexis 150 micron stone-chip protection (matt black textured - for the ultimate protective layer, this black textured, thick protection has a 10+ year lifespan and will add some serious scuff protection.  Made from the same stuff as our rear stone guards, which are able to withstand the front-line of stone chip attacks.

  • 150 micron 3D Carbon Fibre - 3D carbon fibre effect vinyl film, with a smooth satin finish. Extra thick film for extra protection, looks amazing too!

  • 90 micron Satin Black wrapping film - a smooth satin black styling film for those who want to add a touch of style.  Please note this is not intended as a protective film so may be damaged more easily in this region.

  • 150 micron PPF (clear gloss) - this advanced paint protection film is thin enough to hardly be noticeable, but still offers incredibly strong protection against scuffs.  Great if you're looking for some protection in this area without changing the look.  Perfect if you've just had a respray and want to preserve the paint.

The sill protectors are also available in two variations:

  • Standard
    The standard version extends along the full length of the sill, but stops at the air intake pod, perfect for the clear protection film.

  • Extended
    This version is the same as the standard version, with an extended part on the rear which extends up into the side intake pod area and seamlessly blends into the intake for a more pleasing visual result.  Customers choosing the black options are advised to choose this version for improved aesthetics.

Please note you will require a felt-edge squeegee to install this product - if you don't have one you can buy one here.

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