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Large LOTUS lettering (individual letters)

Product type: Vinyl Decal

Regular price £20.00

For fixing to a wing or windshield.

Letters are supplied individually so you can space/arrange as needed.

Approximate minimum required widths for each size (guide assumes absolute minimum spacing between characters placed in a straight line):

  • 80mm  - 496mm
  • 85mm  - 528mm
  • 90mm  - 558mm
  • 95mm  - 590mm
  • 100mm  - 620mm
  • 105mm  - 652mm
  • 110mm  - 682mm
  • 115mm  - 712mm
  • 120mm  - 742mm
  • 125mm  - 774mm
  • 130mm  - 805mm
  • 135mm  - 836mm
  • 140mm  - 866mm
  • 145mm  - 898mm
  • 150mm  - 928mm
  • 155mm  - 960mm
  • 160mm  - 990mm
  • 165mm  - 1020mm
  • 170mm - 1052mm
  • 175mm - 1082mm
  • 180mm - 1116mm

If your widths are borderline please choose a smaller size to ensure a comfortable fit.

FITTING NOTE: for best results, this product should be wet fitted using a very mild soap solution. This will allow accurate placement of the product before "committing" to a final position. You will need a felt-edge squeegee to achieve this, if you do not have one you can order one below.

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