Large LOTUS lettering (individual letters)

Product type: Vinyl Decal

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For fixing to a wing or windshield.

Letters are supplied individually so you can space/arrange as needed.

Sizing Guide

Use the sizing guidelines below to work out what the best character size for your use is. The first figure is the height of each decal.  The second figure (in bold) is the overall length of the target area.  You will also need to factor in the height of the target to make an appropriate choice.

Our recommendation is to measure the height of the target area, then subtract the desired spacing from the top and the bottom (10-25mm recommended, so 20-50mm total, depending on your height and preference).  This will give you a good idea of the appropriate height of character to choose.  For example:

The wing surface area measures 805 x 130mm.  Choosing a decal set matching the same height as the wing looks too closely spaced and there is no space on the top or the bottom - so even though it technically fits, it looks too big:

By lowering the character height we can get the intended size and spacing which looks much more comfortable.  Here are some examples:





The following list provides the minimum space (length of target) required for each character height (assuming minimal spacing between each character):

  • 80mm  - 496mm
  • 85mm  - 528mm
  • 90mm  - 558mm
  • 95mm  - 590mm
  • 100mm  - 620mm
  • 105mm  - 652mm
  • 110mm  - 682mm
  • 115mm  - 712mm
  • 120mm  - 742mm
  • 125mm  - 774mm
  • 130mm  - 805mm
  • 135mm  - 836mm
  • 140mm  - 866mm
  • 145mm  - 898mm
  • 150mm  - 928mm
  • 155mm  - 960mm
  • 160mm  - 990mm
  • 165mm  - 1020mm
  • 170mm - 1052mm
  • 175mm - 1082mm
  • 180mm - 1116mm

If your widths are borderline please choose a smaller size to ensure a comfortable fit.

FITTING NOTE: for best results, this product should be wet fitted using a very mild soap solution. This will allow accurate placement of the product before "committing" to a final position. You will need a felt-edge squeegee to achieve this, if you do not have one you can order one below.

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