Heater Control Panel replacement

Product type: One-piece Sticker

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Carefully engineered for ease of application and longevity - these high-quality heater control panel replacements are designed to fit directly over worn, faded or stained heater controls...no need to remove the old one first!

Available in a range of colours including aluminium* silver (which is a close match for the aluminium interior) and over-laminated in a lovely satin-matt covering.

Also available for customers who have removed or wish to remove the original decal, we now have a slightly oversized self-adhesive plastic under-layer.  This thick plastic decal is designed to replace the original thick decal which will smooth out any screw holes before fitting your new heater decal - highly recommended for anyone who does not still have the original heater decal in place.

Get in touch if you'd like to enquire about a different colour or gloss finish.

* We have three different versions of the aluminium finish - all use the same base colour but the lamination is different. The "metallic" version is more vibrant and retains the metallic flake in a silky-matt finish, whilst the "flat" version dulls the metallic flake and gives a more matt-like finish.  The "flat" version is more similar to the interior aluminium finish in the car.  The "high-gloss" version gives a rich, silvery finish with a high-gloss sheen.

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