Front clam fixing paint protection decal (Lotus Elise & Exige S1)

Product type: Vinyl Decal

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Equivalent OEM part no. A111B0697S

Peel & stick pre-cut paint protection decal to replace the OEM decals on the front clam.  These site within the bonnet recess and protect the paint from damage from the 2 bolt fixings.  There are two decals on the car.

Available in two versions - the revised smaller design is as per original equipment on later cars (MY '99 and on). The older, large design is a similar shape but larger all round - it doesn't fit as neatly into the channel as the revised design and has to be curved up the sides - but we're including them as direct replacements for the pre-updated version.  We suspect these parts were later revised to improve the shape to fit correctly into the recess without any excess material.

The smaller, revised version is supplied in extra-thick, 320 micron black textured film, and the older version is on thinner (but still very strong) 150 micron black textured film - this is to facilitate the fitting into the recess which would be more challenging with the thicker material.

Perfect for post-respray, restoration jobs, or just general tidying up.  Fitting is simple, just remove the old bolts with an allen key, remove the old decals (a hairdryer will help soften old adhesive), clean the area, then peel & stick your new decals.  They can be removed and repositioned during fitting.  Please allow 24 hours for the adhesive to fully cure and do not over-tighten the fixing bolts.

Sold individually.

Images are for illustration purposes only.  Please note these are not original decals.

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