CUP 260 decal - Lotus Exige S2

Product type: Vinyl Decal

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Primary Vinyl Colour : "CUP"

Secondary Vinyl Colour : Outline and "260" cut-out

Personalise your car with any colour combination you like - available in single-colour cut vinyl or layered 2-colour vinyl. 

If you are looking to replicate the original colours, we suggest one of the following combinations:

  • Mid Yellow Gloss (primary) + Silver Gloss (secondary)
  • Mid Yellow Gloss (primary) + Graphite Metallic Gloss  (secondary)
  • Mid Yellow Gloss (primary) + Black Gloss  (secondary)

Available in all three original sizes:

  • Small (130mm wide)
    Spoiler end plates (x2)
    Equivalent part numbers A128B0184F, A128B0188F, A128B0279F
  • Medium (155mm wide)
    Front clam (x2)
    Equivalent part # A128B0186F, A128B0187F, A128B0280F
  • Large (180mm wide)
    Rear transom (x1)
    Equivalent part # A128B0188F, A128B0189F, A128B0281F

Please see images for example combinations.  Available in our full range of vinyl colours.  If you require a different size to those listed, please just ask.

For best results we recommend one of our core gloss colours which will be supplied to you in long-life, premium cast vinyl.  You can read more about our vinyls and which are the primary colours on our About Our Vinyls page.

Please note these are NOT original stickers and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the original design.  Images are for illustration purposes only.

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