Cant Rail replacement labels (Elise S1) - extended version (early cars)

Product type: One-piece Sticker

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The instructional labels on the roof cant rails are prone to wear given their location and exposure - also the original labels are paper-backed and tend to absorb water, making them discolour and peel over time.

Our replacement replicas are reproduced using vinyl, so are water and scratchproof - which should provide many years of hard-working service.

The labels have been reconstructed by from the original labels, and are sized to match.

This version is a recreation of the early Elise S1 labels with the alternative latch design (models prior to VIN 3332), equivalent part numbers B111U0242F & B111U0243F.  Even if you've upgraded your latches, why not recreate the original look with these high-quality replicas!

If you are looking for the newer version of this label you can find them here:

Sold as a set (2 labels, one for each side).

Please note these are NOT original stickers and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the original design.  Images are for illustration purposes only.

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