TVR "Type Approval" aluminium metal plate - Wedge / Griffith / Chimaera / Cerbera / Sagaris

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Replace your old, worn, fragile Type Approval sticker with these one of these high-quality metal plaques - with a pristine finish these hard-wearing aluminium plates will give you years of use and look fantastic.  Suitable for under-bonnet positioning (as per the original) or displayed anywhere on the car you like.

Available in mirror finish silver (similar to the original chrome sticker) or classy brushed metal. Both have a glossy finish.  The plates are sized to the exact same dimensions of the original sticker.

Supplied with bare aluminium on the rear so you will need to choose your own fixing method.

If choosing "Other" for your Type Approval plaque, please let us know the Approval number and we'll add it for you.

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