MiSTer Multisystem (MMS) alternative lid & accessories - "PSX"

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A fully 3D printed, ready-to-fit alternative design to replace the original lid of the Multisystem - fully designed by Heber Ltd's Richard Horne (RichRap).  We've used the same Fossil Grey filament that Heber use on their own cases for an exact match.

UPDATE: a small issue was discovered with the SCART socket where the sheathing of the plug fouls on the case so it can't be fully inserted.  We've made a small adjustment to the original design so that the SCART socket can now accept standard SCART plugs correctly.  This change is invisible once the SCART socket cover is fitted, and there are no other design changes from the original.

Your original base can be used but replacement backplates, SDcard mount and reset buttons are required.  Gives a solid PlayStation vibe to your MiSTer Multisystem console!  

The smaller dust cover parts come pre-fitted with a PlayStation-themed "MultiSystem" decal which features a textured finish to closely match the top surface finish.  These decals can be easily removed if preferred.

If you don't already have the original Fossil Grey base & accessories, you can buy those here.

Please note that as with all 3D printed parts, some minor printing artefacts may be visible on the final product.

This product is based on the original files releases on Printables.com:


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