Hangar 111 compatible Floor Mat fixings

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PLEASE NOTE: these top fixings are suitable for use with the Hangar 111 alloy female fixings only.  If you have plastic floor fixings or anything but the H111 alloy fixings, ours will not be compatible.

The H111 fixings use a smaller thread diameter - the outside edge is 15mm and the inside thread approx. 10.5mm.  Please ensure you check compatibility before placing an order.


Replace your worn, broken or missing floor mat fixings with these stylish 3D printed alternatives.

Designed as a direct replacement for the alloy top fixings, our version screws directly into the alloy fixings on the floor.

    We have a number of different style options to suit your individual requirements:

    • Textured black
    • Black Carbon Fibre effect
    • Silver Carbon Fibre effect
    • Domed badge kit (currently unavailable)

    The pre-made options (textured black and carbon fibre styles) are supplied ready-to-fit.  The domed badge option comes supplied as a full kit, so you can assemble with the perfect alignment/positioning of the badge. 

    To assemble, simply screw the fixings into place, then peel & stick the domed badge into the correct position for your car - once fitted all badges will be perfectly straight!

    As these items are on the floor you will need to take extra care not to damage them.  They are strong but blunt force may cause them to break.  Care should be taken to not over-tighten the screws as this may damage the threads.

    We print using stronger PETG filament which has a shiny finish and some details may appear a little rough up close as with many 3D printed items - however once installed any flaws cannot be seen.

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