CTRLDock Classic SE skin - "A500"

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Carefully styled and sized as a stand-alone Amiga A500 case!  The perfect compliment to a beige MMS or A500 Mini.  This decal has been carefully colour-matched to the official Retro Collective "A500 beige" CTRLDock & MMS cases, but will compliment any coloured case.

Printed onto long-term vinyl with two adhesive options:

Ultra high-tack - developed specifically for low-energy/textured surfaces (like 3D prints).  Low-medium initial tack (easy to remove/reposition) with a strong permanent bond after 24 hours. Ideal for a permanent decal that you don't plan to remove.

Removable & reusable - a lower-tack adhesive which can be easily removed at any time, stored, then re-applied.  Great if you want to switch out skins for different occasions!  May not be suitable for units that are transported around often or may be susceptible to wear.

The decal is finished with a tough matt textured laminate.  Simple peel & stick installation.

What is the "CTRLDock"?

The CTRLDock Classic SE is a multi-featured low-latency vintage joystick/mouse/controller interface to enable their use on modern gaming systems and emulators for the ultimate retro experience.

To find out more or to purchase a system please visit the Retro Collective website.

Images for illustration purposes only. Case not included.

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