Amiga A3000 case wrap

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A complete pre-cut wrap for the Amiga A3000 - instantly cover your A3000 with a special colour-matched vinyl!

Ideal for old and unsightly cases or if you just want to protect your original. We have carefully colour-matched the vinyl to the original case colour and covered with a textured protective layer which simulates the painted finish of the original.

Why use a wrap?

Minimal prep: just make sure all surfaces are clean and any loose paint is removed, then apply the wrap. The textured nature of the wrap will hide any minor inconsistencies in the surface.

Easy to fit: the wrap is slightly oversized so 100% accurate positioning is not required.  We've added markers on the backing sheet to help you position it just right...then just peel-and-stick.  The textured finish of the case allows any trapped air to escape, making for a simple bubble-free fit - and the wrap can be peeled back and repositioned if necessary.  Each wrap comes with detailed step-by-step instructions with installation photos.

No drying time: unlike paint, where you will need to wait long periods between coats, the computer is ready to use immediately after fitting.

What do I need?

A clean, dry microfibre cloth and IPA solution: this will allow you to clean the case properly before fitting the wrap.  Any dirt and grease on the case may affect adhesion so it's vital that you clean properly first.

A felt-edge squeegee: we do not recommend attempting the fitting with a hard-edge card (like a credit card).  A soft-edge squeegee will make things much easier and won't risk damage to the vinyl wrap.  We sell suitable felt-edge squeegees if you need on.

A sharp bladed craft knife: preferably with a 30 degree angle blade - as this will allow you to easily remove the holes for the screws...but any sharp blade will suffice.  This is needed to cut out the screw holes and trim the excess material from the wrap after fitting.

Heat gun or hairdryer (optional): applying some heat after the installation can help speed up the adhesive curing time on the wrap, making it more permanent.  It's not strictly necessary as the adhesive will cure over time anyway.

Images for illustration purposes only. Colours shown are not truly representative of the actual printed colour and will appear differently on different screens.  Please rest assured we've very carefully selected the colours to be as faithful to the original as possible!

Please note that removal of any of these covering may cause damage to existing paint unless it is completely sound.  Use of some gentle heat from a heat gun will facilitate removal and minimise any damage.

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