Agon Console8 decal set - "Pumpkin"

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Customise your Agon Console8 with these exclusive & official decal sets, or mix & match for your very own unique look!

NEW! Now available pre-fitted to a replacement 3D printed top case - retain your original case and simply slide on the replacement!

All decals are sold individually or as a complete themed set:

  • Top console surface decal - fits over the top of the Agon Console8 unit
  • Console sides (x2 decals) - attaches to the left & right angled sides of the top surface.  Please note these parts are not compatible with the bottom angled sides
  • Controller - fits over the official Agon Console8 controller
  • Keyboard label - designed to fit in the top-right corner of the official Agon Console8 keyboard
  • Rear port label - fits onto the slide-out handle behind the rear ports
  • Replacement 3D printed case with pre-fitted decals (black) - a replacement 3D printed case (top slide-out part) with the three case decals professionally pre-fitted.  The case is made to OE spec with the same matt black filament as the originals (includes replacement case and 3 pre-fitted decals).

The decals are designed to replace the original fitted decals which must be removed first (don't worry; we sell the official originals too!) - or you can fit them to your own 3D printed case.

Printed onto long-term ultra high-tack vinyl - developed specifically for low-energy/textured surfaces (like 3D prints).  Low-medium initial tack (easy to remove/reposition) with a strong permanent bond after 24 hours.

The decal is finished with a tough matt textured laminate.  Simple peel & stick installation.

What is the Agon Console8?

"The Agon Console8 is made for those who want to learn, or go back to coding. It has the BBC BASIC programming language built into it as standard. It’s a fast and powerful platform which allows users to make their own games and programs – like back in the 80’s but faster and more powerful." - Heber Ltd

To find out more about the Agon Console8, Heber or the Retro Collective:


Images for illustration purposes only. Case, accessories and board not included.

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