Acorn Archimedes A3000 replacement badges

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Replace your missing or yellowed A3000 with these faithful replicas!

The original badges are prone to severe yellowing with age and sadly cannot be revived using Retrobrite or other similar techniques (we've tried!)

We also sell a matching Acorn case badge.

Available in two colours to suit your needs:

Original cream: an opaque, light beige/cream base coloured label which is how we envisage the original labels would have looked.  The colour is slightly darker than the rest of the case which is how it looks in some original photos of the computer.  it's also a decent match for some slightly yellowed cases.  For most customers this will be the most suitable choice.

Transparent / clear: uses base plastic case underneath the decal as the base colour. In most cases this will be the original plastic colour of the computer, so guarantees the label will match the colour of the casing (Retrobriting might be needed if your case is yellowed). Please note the LED hole cut-outs are larger than the windows on the opaque version, so using the clear label will show these larger openings.

New Updated Finish

We've found a near-perfect match for the top surface which all versions of the label are produced with.  It's a real polycarbonate overlaminate with a matte velvet, softly-textured finish which gives it that original look, adds some rigidity, and makes it ultra-tough (completely scratch and abrasion resistant).

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