Personalised Lotus Vehicle Identification (VIN) internal windscreen label

Product type: One-piece Sticker

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Fitted to many Lotus models, these labels were fitted to the inside of the windscreen and displayed the car's VIN. Many original labels have been removed or have aged and yellowed over the years.

Our replica labels faithfully recreate the original label with your own car's VIN custom printed onto it.  The stickers are inverse-printed and designed to stick inside the glass facing outwards.

Simply supply your VIN and we'll re-create your own VIN label, or maybe choose your own novelty code instead!

The barcode is custom-made and will show the correct VIN information if scanned - please note some darker base colours may present an issue for some scanning devices (white is generally recommended).

Equivalent OE part number: B079U4666K

Fitted to:

  • Lotus Esprit (1996-)
  • Lotus Elan (1990-)
  • Lotus Elise S1
  • Lotus 340R
  • ...and others

Please note these are not original labels so there will be some minor differences.  Images for illustration purposes only.

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