LOTUS ALARM SYSTEM replacement internal sticker

Product type: One-piece Sticker

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These eye-catching stickers were fitted to some Series 1 Lotus Elise models to warn potential thieves that the car was fitted with the factory original Cobra alarm system. Not all cars featured the sticker, and the ones that did are probably showing their age after 20 years or more!

Restore yours to pristine factory-new, with these faithful reproductions.  They are based on the originals with accurate original sizing, colours and fonts.  You'd never tell the difference!  Originally supplied with the Cobra Alarm kit (no longer available).

Sold individually (1 sticker). Fitment is to the inside of the window like the originals - the wet fitting method is recommended for best results.  Full instructions included.

Please note these are NOT original stickers and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the original design.  Images are for illustration purposes only.

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